Richard Presto
Client for retrospective estate appraisal

I hired Landsman Appraisal Services to do a home appraisal for tax purposes. Darin Rogers arrived at the house right on time and did a very thorough inspection of the premises. I received the report within several days and I was pleased with the report and the back up data supporting the valuation. I had contacted several companies and Landsman had the most reasonable price. I would highly recommend Landsman for their prompt and courteous services. And the report I received was professionally done. Many thanks to Landsman Appraisal, LLC!

Mike Woodard
Client for pre-refi appraisal

We considered several appraisers and Darin Rogers seemed the most professional. He took the time to explain each piece of the valuation process, answered all of our questions, and even offered some advice about how we might increase the value of our home. He was objective and fair in his assessment. I would highly recommend Darin Rogers for a timely and professional appraisal.

Kevin Knaussman
Client for asset valuation appraisal (considering selling)

Mr. Rogers was on time, very thorough while he was at the house, and he asked me about all the work I've done to it, which I was glad because appraisers don't always do that. The report was easy to understand and the estimate was right on the money, based on recent sales that have since happened on my street. The sketch was useful to say one way or the other, about a room which I wasn't sure if it counted as part of the square footage or not. Anyway, I would recommend them to anyone because they did a good job for me.

Matthew Gismondi
Real Estate Investor

I called Landsman Appraisal to get a good idea of what my property was worth after I finished renovation of a rental property in the Arcadia area. I’m a real estate investor who was considering a cash-out refi. Landsman completed the appraisal on time and did a great job with a great set of pictures. They performed a thorough evaluation of relevant neighboring properties in an area that can be tricky. Later, when I was between tenants and was making the decision whether to sell or rent again, Landsman updated the appraisal, doing a desktop evaluation which included neighboring properties, which had all gone up in value. My property was an unusual parcel, involving a subordinate property with a different owner and an easement across my parcel, but Landsman’s appraiser knew how to handle it. In short, I know Landsman works with lots of big banks and mortgage companies, but they were also responsive to a private-party appraisal with a quick turn-time. I heartily recommend Landsman Appraisal to investors and homeowners alike.